Drawer Systems

Dispensa Medication Drawer Systems are a reliable and user friendly option for your workplace to store medications in a smaller footprint. 



A powder coated metal drawer with two elongated compartments. It is divided front to back by DualDrawer Dividers that make customisation easy. The melamine Drawer Fronts can be colour matched to any Laminex or Pantone colour. Each Drawer Front incorporates a window to identify medications stored within. DualDrawers open on quality German engineered drawer runners.

Use in Pharmacy or Hospitals for:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Ointments
  • Pessaries
  • Small Vials

Key Benefits:

  • Highest Capacity
  • Compact Space
  • Improved Workflows
DualDrawer Sizes
Height Width Length
125mm 353mm 600mm and 915mm
250mm 353mm 600mm and 915mm
Medications Per Drawer
600mm 15 to 16 915mm 20 to 22

Drawer Cabinet

Drawer Cabinet

A stylish freestanding melamine Dispensa Drawer Cabinet of DualDrawers on a robust powder coated steel frame. It is ideal for slow moving medications.

Available in three combinations:

DC1 One 250mm base DualDrawer, no Step, nine 125mm DualDrawers with two DualDrawers 250mm on top.
DC2 One base 250mm DualDrawer, Step, plus eleven 125mm DualDrawers with one 250mm on top.
DC3 One 250mm DualDrawer, Step, plus thirteen 125mm DualDrawers on top


Cabinet Height Drawer Length* Cabinet Depth
2175mm 915mm 970mm


  Cabinet Width 
1 Bay 2 Bay 3 Bay 4 Bay
507mm 951mm 1395mm 1837mm
                 Approximate Medications 
DC1 220* 440 660 880
DC2 285* 570 855 1140
DC3 300 600 900 1200

*DualDrawer 600 on request

Drawer Bench

Drawer Bench

This novel system is a row of melamine wall cabinets below a bench top. Supplied knock down and installed onsite. Each cabinet having a combination of medication DualDrawers fitted on self-closing drawer runners. DualDrawers can be either 450mm or 600mm deep. 

This product is ideal for the storage and quick access of slow moving medications without having to mount a step.

Available as:

DB1 Seven 125mm DualDrawers
DB2 One 250mm and five 125mm DualDrawers


Drawer Bench - 450
  1Bay 2Bays 3 Bays 4 Bays
Height 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Width 507mm 952mm 1395mm 1840mm
Depth 550mm 550mm 550mm 550mm
Drawer Bench - 600
  1Bay 2Bays 3 Bays 4 Bays
Height 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Width 507mm 952mm 1395mm 1840mm
Depth 700mm 700mm 700mm 700mm

UnderBench Drawer Cabinet

UnderBench Drawer Cabinet

The Dispensa UnderBench system is a melamine cabinet of pull out DualDrawers on a steel frame. Supplied assembled for placement under an existing dispensary bench. Excellent to store creams, ointments and similar small vials and pessaries.

There are two cabinet combinations:

UC1 Six 125mm DualDrawers
UC2 One base 250mm and four 125mm DualDrawers


Dispensa UnderBench Cabinets can be:

Single One column of DualDrawers
Double Two columns of DualDrawers


Cabinet Height Drawer Length* Cabinet Depth
865mm 600mm 685mm
Cabinet Width
Single Double
463mm 868mm
Medications Per Cabinet
UC1 100 200
UC2 80 160

*DualDrawer 915 on request