Rear Load Cabinets

The Dispensa Rear Load Cabinet is a melamine cabinet of TrayShelves, fixed by support pins to the side of the cabinet. Shelves slope forward so that clinical staff can dispense from the front as non-clinical staff stock the system from the rear.

This system is one of the most affordable and efficient fast mover systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower Cost
  • Superior Rotation
  • Excellent Workflow
  • Refit or Retrofit
  Cabinet Height Depth of Cabinet
  405 505
  2300mm 520mm 580mm
  Bay Width
  1 Bay 2 Bays 3 Bays 4 Bays
System 600 730mm 1395mm 2060mm 2790mm
Medications * 90 180 270 360
System  915  1045mm 2025mm 3005mm 4050mm
Medications * 130 260 380 515

*Standard nine Support TrayShelves