Wire Baskets

Flowsell offers another range of Cleanstor Wire Baskets uniquely designed to slide out on roller drawer runners. Cleanstor PullOut Wire Baskets are so versatile that they can be fitted in Cupboards, PullOut Basket Gondolas, UnderBench PullOut Basket Cabinets or freestanding Basket Cabinets.

These Wire Baskets are particularly useful for storing IV Fluids when placed on heavy duty drawer runners.

WB1 Wire Basket 140/560
WB2 Wire Basket 280/560

Wire Basket Dividers

Wire Basket WB1 can be divided two ways.

WD1 2-Way Basket Divider 2W 140/400
WD1 4-Way Basket Divider 4W 140/400

WB2 is segmented only back to front

WD2 2-Way Basket Divider 280/400

Drawer runners have two load ratings.

Light Duty 40kgs used for:

  • Cannulas
  • Catheters
  • Bandages
  • Connectors
  • Airways
  • Stationery

Heavy Duty I00kgs used for:

  • IV Fluid Therapy

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Stocking
  • Fast Access
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • Strong and Robust
  • Hygienic
  Cleanstor Wire Basket
  WB1 WB2
Height 140mm 280mm
Width 560mm 560mm
Depth 400mm 400mm
  Corresponding Basket   Divider
  WD1 WD2
  2-Way 2-Way
Height 139mm 269mm
Length 381mm 378mm
Height 139mm  
Length 540mm  

PullOut Wire Baskets for Cupboards

PullOut Wire Baskets for Cupboards

Cleanstor Wire Baskets on pull out drawer runners can be fitted to new or existing cupboards. Flowsell can also supply a row of melamine wall cabinets with a 32mm bench top into which Cleanstor Wire Baskets can be installed. We supply the latter knock down and install on site.
Fluids or surgical consumables can be destocked from cardboard cartons and stored in the Cleanstor Wire Baskets. 

Cupboard Height Minimum Internal Cupboard Depth       Cabinet Width
Optional 420mm       575mm

UnderBench PullOut Basket Frames

UnderBench PullOut Basket Frames

Three standard retrofit UnderBench powder coated steel frames fit under existing standing benches of 1 metre, 900mm or a sitting bench of 700mm. These frames are supplied with the PullOut Wire Baskets fitted on either light duty or heavy duty drawer runners. All UnderBench PullOut Basket Frames incorporate adjustable feet and can be customised to suit any bench height.

Wire Basket Combination Packages

We have a handy range of packages available to choose from.

UB8 – Bench 1M high
Package A 5 x WB1 Wire Baskets
Package B 3 x WB1 Wire Baskets and 1 x WB2 Wire Basket
Package C 1 x WB1 Wire Basket and 2 x WB2 Wire Basket


UB6 – Bench 900mm high
Package D 4 x WB1 Wire Baskets
Package E 2 x WB1 Wire Baskets and 1 x WB2 Wire Basket


UB5 – Sitting Bench 700mm high
Package F 3 x WB1 Wire Baskets
Package G 1 x WB1 Wire Basket and 1 x WB2 Wire Basket


Other Options

  • Roller Shutter/Lock
  • Wall Attachment


UnderBench PullOut Basket Cabinet
Width    615mm Depth 420mm
Model    UB8 UB6 UB5
Frame Height    800mm 655mm 505mm
Including Feet    850mm 705mm 555mm

PullOut Basket Gondola

PullOut Basket Gondola

Flowsell has adapted a 600mm Wall Unit or Double Sided Gondola from which to pull out Wire Baskets. Any combination of the Wire Baskets WB1 or WB2 can be fitted to the gondola on either light or heavy duty drawer runners. Flat or Pullout Shelves can be fitted above the baskets for medications.

  Gondola Dimensions      Cleanstor® Wire Basket Combinations
Height 2260mm Model
Width 635mm BG1 8 x WB1
Depth 485mm BG2 10 x WB1
    BG3 4 x WB2
    BG4 5 x WB2

PullOut Basket Cabinets

PullOut Basket Cabinets

This is a freestanding cabinet of PullOut Wire Baskets. It is available in five combinations of WB1 and WB2 PullOut Wire Baskets. Cabinet modules can be single or in joined bays. The top basket is angled and can be detached. Wire Baskets can have either light or heavy duty drawer runners.

PullOut Basket Cabinet Combinations             Wire Basket Combinations Per Bay
Height 1885mm
Depth 503mm WB1 WB2
  Width 10 0
 1 Bay 615mm 8 1
2 Bays 1210mm 6 2
 3 Bays 1805mm 4 3
4 Bays 2400mm 2 4