A custom designed Wall Unit or Double Sided Gondola with a strong standing 1 metre, 900mm or a sitting 700mm Work Bench. Workstations can be positioned along a wall or as island units in widths of 600mm or 915mm. 

Key Benefits:

  • Customised Workstation
  • Flexible Floor Plans
  • Multiple Fixtures
  • Retrofit

Use for any Pharmacy or Ward for:

  • Extra Bench Space
  • Additional Storage

The following can be fitted to the Workstation above the bench:

The following can be fitted to the Workstation below the bench:


  WorkStation        Bench Height
  Post Height Desk Depth
  2260mm 770mm        700mm or 1.1M
  Bench Width - Joined Bays
System 1 Bay 2 Bay 3 Bay 4 Bay
600 635mm 1236mm 1840mm 2440mm
915 950mm 1866mm 2784mm 3700mm