Gravity Racks with Bottle Slides

Flowsell has developed a special Rack SlipShelf to gravity feed beverages in the cool room. The Bottle Slides are screwed in place to alleviate the need for cable ties. Bottle Slides are fitted with transparent Shelf Fronts and FastFit Dividers to ensure your merchandise is easily identified and remains organised. FastFit Dividers can be easily fitted between the rows and locked in a scissors action onto the top of the Shelf Front and under the slip mat base. As this Shelf Front is independent of the FastFit Dividers, beverages do not have to be destocked when relaying the product.

Racks are both zinc plated and black powder coated and are quick and easy to assemble. Flowsell Bottle Slides are designed to limit unnecessary multiple handling by your staff and be loaded from the rear to ensure regular rotation of stock. 

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic Face Up
  • Rush Hour Ready
  • Superior Presentation                     
  • Rear Loading                            
  • Stock Rotated                          
  • Labour Saving



Rack Frame Dimensions
Height   Width* Depth
2100mm   765mm 640mm
Rack SlipShelf
Width*  Depth
744mm 585mm
Shelf Fronts
50mm (Energy 300ml) 90mm (600ml etc) 130mm (1.25/2 litre)
FastFit Dividers
50mm  90mm  130mm
305mm  405mm 505mm 585mm

*Suits mullion centres of 765mm to 772mm or doors from 750mm to 760mm wide. However, Racks and the Rack SlipShelf can be customised to suit any door size.