Retrofit Bottle Slides

A Bottle Slide system that is easy to fit to any Wire or Flat Shelf. Bottle Slide FastFit Dividers have a rear hook that locks under the platform of the Bottle Slide. Other tabs on the divider locate into ribs in the base of the mat and an additional hook locks into a groove on the top of the Shelf Front. The resulting ‘scissor’ style locking action allows merchandise to be re-positioned without destocking the shelf. 

We supply Flowsell Retrofit Bottle Slides unassembled or fitted with FastFit Dividers to match your planogram requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic Face Up
  • Superior Presentation
  • No Destocking                                     
  • Labour Saving
Standard Shelf Fronts  
(Energy 300ml)
(600ml etc)
(1.25/2 litre)
Standard FastFit Divider
50mm 90mm 130mm
305mm 405mm 505mm 585mm