Special Purpose Shelving

Flowsell offer two shelving systems for specialised merchandising in either the flat or angle gravity feed configuration

Cantilever TrayShelf

Cantilever TrayShelf

The Cantilever TrayShelf is a flat metal shelf with a channel along the front to fit a Shelf Front. FastFit Dividers lock under the shelf at the rear and into slots in the base of the metal tray. A hook on top of the divider locks it to a groove in the top of the Shelf Front. 

This Cantilever TrayShelf can be positioned either flat or at an incline on multi-angle brackets. It has the potential to display most products and is ideal to enhance the merchandising display of products in soft air cushioned packaging such as potato chips.  

Slots on the side of the shelf allow it to be mounted on Support Pins in a cabinet shell.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent Shelf Management
  • Gravity Feed
  • Flexible Application
  • Flags Stock Outs
Cantilever TrayShelf Widths
600mm  915mm
Cantilever TrayShelf Depths
305mm  355mm  405mm  455mm  505mm

Cantilever Slipshelf

Cantilever Slipshelf

The Cantilever SlipShelf is a wire shelf with a Bottle Slide attached by screws. Shelf Fronts and FastFit Dividers can be fitted to the shelf to make it an effective gravity feed shelf. Dividers can be quickly adjusted to suit any product. The wire base allows dust to fall through the shelf. The shelf is fitted to gondolas by multi-angle brackets.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Gravity Feed
  • Dust Free
  • Flags Stock Outs
Cantilever SlipShelf Widths
600mm 915mm
Cantilever SlipShelf Depths
305mm  355mm  405mm  455mm  505mm