Milk Flow Trolleys

Dairy offers one of the best profit-to-space ratios for retail businesses. By fully optimising your milk storage and display you enable your customers to enjoy the best retail experience for one of their most frequently purchased items. Good stock rotation practises are important for short shelf life products such as dairy. Flowsell’s Milk Flow Trolley with gravity feed Ribbed Shelf-T Dividers, provides the confidence that you are limiting wastage and optimising turn over. 

Milk Flow Trolley

Milk Flow Trolley

The Flowsell Milk Flow Trolley has been developed to merchandise the many varieties of milk in the dairy cool room. Milk is rear loaded and gravity fed to the front. This automatic facing of the milk provides a superior presentation compared with milk stored on flat shelves. The Milk Flow Trolley has four robust castor wheels that make it easy to remove the trolley for cleaning. Each trolley has two galvanised Drip Trays to collect milk spills.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Presentation
  • Fast Rear Loading
  • Dated Stock Rotation
  • Easy Clean
  • Easier Customer Access
Milk Flow Trolley
Height  Width  Depth
1995mm 760mm  1060mm